Exhilarate Worcester is an initiative developed by educators in a collaborative effort to support the academic growth of students at Woodland Academy, a Worcester Public School.  In a continued effort to provide opportunities for students, this committee will bring a music and arts festival to Worcester, Massachusetts and all proceeds will go to the school.  The event welcomes all who want to participate.  There will be musicians, performing alongside local craft and food vendors and much more.  Dedicated educators organizing the festival are striving to give students access to an immersive, adaptive, and individualized education with the funds raised at the event.  


Woodland Academy is a neighborhood school, with 96% of students minority, many students face poverty, and many troubled youth that come from trauma backgrounds.  Out of the school’s 635 students, 500 speak English as their second language.  The students and faculty at Woodland work hard to promote authentic teaching and learning opportunities.  These students are smart, hard-working, and resilient and they deserve a chance of equal opportunity and a chance to compete against children with more fortunate circumstances. 


Exhilarate Worcester’s mission is to provide the students of Woodland Academy the tools they need to be college and career ready.  


Funds raised from this initiative will go directly to:


  • IXL membership for all teachers and students 

IXL is an immersive and comprehensive K-12 learning experience that provides standards- aligned content. 


  • Flocabulary membership

Flocabulary will provide content-aligned videos that will greatly enhance the learning of the school’s English Language Learners.


  • Reflex Math membership

Math is a subject made of building blocks, where math fact fluency is critical in order to develop further skills in the content.  Reflex math is an effective, standards-based math program that aids in mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  The program is individualized and adaptive and allows teachers to monitor student achievement.


  • Keyboards

Providing our students with keyboarding skills will enhance work productivity for students and will teach them pivotal skills in a world where technology is at the forefront.


  • Technology

Woodland Academy received an Apple Grant three years ago which enabled all students access to an iPad at school.  In the fall of 2018, the grant expires and it is up to the school to sustain the growth the students and teachers have made.  This fund will help support any incidental costs with Apple products.

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